Welcome Bonus

Promotion Rules:

• This promotion is only applicable to the first funding on Phase Forex.

• The maximum amount available for winning by the 30% Welcome Bonus is $4500. 

• Minimum first funding amount at Phase Forex is $100.

• The amount of bonus earned acts as a reinforcement to raise the level of margin in the forex transactions, and cannot be withdrawn. However, the yield made by using the bonus can be withdrawn. In case of a stop-out, if the amount remaining in the account of a trader after the stop-out is equal to or less than the bonus they received, no withdrawal request may be made for the balance since it is equal to the bonus received. For instance, if a trader who deposits $1000 and receives a Welcome Bonus of $30 reaches the stop out level, and if their account's balance is $300 or below, this amount is deducted from the trader's account.

• Simply contact Live Support on the Phase Forex website to sign up to the campaign. Also, you can contact Phase Forex customer representatives for any details of the Welcome Bonus.

• Phase Forex reserves the right to change the rules of this promotional offer or terminate it altogether. It is the trader's responsibility to observe the updated rules of any promotional offer.

• Based on the company's criteria and policy, if a trader requests and approves withdrawal of an amount equal to the amount they traded, the amount of bonus defined to their account is deleted.